Welcome to Salem!

We are a church with a heart for mission. Loving and serving both our local and global communities is what we are about. 

All are welcome here and are invited to join us in our life together as we grow and serve others through the faith and love of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Sunday School begins at 9:00am and is for young people from Nursery to Junior High. Sunday School meets from mid-August - April. 

Worship Services are held at 10:30am each Sunday mid-August - April. During May - July and the first half of August worship service is at 9:30am.

Salem Lutheran has a youthful energy with young families and children and also have the comfort and guidance of wise, involved and encouraging senior members. We are not bogged down in the past, but use it to guide our future. Many of us have grown up in this church and have learned strong leadership skills from our parents and grandparents. Our members are not afraid to smile, laugh and clap in church. We enjoy Sharing of the Peace and Children’s sermons during worship. We love conversational and dynamic sermons with a “Hear it on Sunday, use it on Monday” theme. Music is very important to our worship services too.  

Our members are faith filled, involved, adaptable, and love coming to church. We are a large family of faithful followers and are not afraid to help each other in times of need.  We are thriving in our mission team involvement, our educational opportunities and our giving. We are a church that is moving forward in mission and service and we are very excited about that.